Employment Exchange and Department of Education Building

Demolished in 2014 and previously described as ‘brick, thin and cheap’, this building was affected by the outbreak of the Second World War, and designed and delivered by different project architects. Obviously executed under budgetary constraints, it is a rare scheme that straddles the war years; the Office of Works and City Architects’ Departments were limited in their live commissions between 1939-45 and spent much of the time planning, as evidenced by the number of town and city plans published in the immediate afterward. The masonry and detailing may not be particularly high quality, but the period ministerial language is clearly evident at the entrance in both the hardwood ribbed doors and the deteriorating signage. The ground floor is faced in polished gritstone; the upper three stories the aforementioned masonry. Governmental developments were exempt from planning at this time and this scheme was only completed as the Town and Country Planning Act came into force, as such, primary information is scarce.